Ms. Thedford Rowser-Bey is the owner and founder of The Office of Justice and Trust.  Her passion for researching a company's Standard Operating Procedures started at an early age.  When questionable issues arose, Ms. Rowser-Bey refused to have her rights taken advantage of.  Thus at the age of thirteen, began the search for correct procedures and how to apply that knowledge.

As an adult, local residents, businesses and organizations took notice of how successful Ms. Rowser-Bey was in Procedural Reseach.  Such organizations as the non-profit NAACP, where Ms. Rowser-Bey is Alabama's Chairperson over The Land Loss and Real Estate Committee, The Southwest Alabama Improvement Association (SWAIA) and the National Black Farmer's Association, where Ms. Rowser-Bey is the Settlement's Research Consultant.

In 1992, The Office of Justice and Trust became a licensed legal research company.  Ms. Rowser-Bey's love for helping people is what motivates her to travel from city to city and state to state to speak before thousands concerning this matter.  Her passion for HELPING people HELP themselves makes the long hours and late nights worth the while.

"I just like helping people"
-Ms. Thedford Rowser-Bey

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