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Click here...SEE Black Farmers U.S. DISTRICT FEDERAL COURT'S (1999's) Case numbers' (in PIGFORD-1 and BREWINGTON's) DOCKET SHEET - REGARDING  COURT ISSUES held - In the YEAR 2003!! - shows USDA/aka/Officials, and U.S. District Federal presiding Court JUDGE PAUL FRIEDMAN REFERRED!! to the BLACK FARMERS Participants' (said Court's) APPROVED Black/African Race LEAD! ATTORNEY(S)/(J.L. CHESTNUT and ROSE SANDERS)- as being HATE! MONGERS! - due to THE said BLACK/AFRICAN Race ATTORNEYS filed (and ACKNOWLEDGED- in its properly filed MOTION[s]) - "...TO REOPEN!!  ALL!!  LATE!!  CLAIMS!  DUE! TO!  MAIL!  DELAYS!! well as..." their REQUEST for USDA's Legal OFFICIALS to REMOVE! THEIR! (Slanderous) WRITTEN! NAME!! CALLING!  of PREJUDICE!! - by calling the said BLACK/African RACE LAWYERS- as being "HATE MONGERS" - due also to said BLACK/AFRICAN Lead!! LAWYERS - Demanded TO RECEIVE - Additional!! MONEY/and or - so to be PAID! (a BILLION DOLLARS)/or EQUAL! PAYMENTS with the other LEAD! WHITE!! Race Black Farmers Settlement's PAID! ATTORNEYS -paid since the year 1999; - As USDA ONLY! found FAULT with Federal Judge Paul Friedman AFTER!  JUDGE PAUL FRIEDMAN's - RULED! Decision to allow to HIRE/or APPOINT OTHER! (White Race) LAWYERS (such as "WILEY REIN & FIELDING LLP) to Represent the said Black Farmers' PARTICIPANTS "to YET! FILE! LATE! after!!  the DATE LINE DATE of OCTOBER 12, 1999 - RESULTED!!  in USDA  - filed in the YEAR June 2002 and successfully!! APPEALED!  - FEDERAL JUDGE PAUL FRIEDMAN's prior said Decisions -  for the said Black Farmers Participants!!  to FILE LATE!! WITHOUT!!  FIRST!  GOING to the MONITOR -( But Judge Friedman's Order[s] were REMANDED in the YEAR 2003 -)
***PLEASE CLICK HERE ...See *(very OLD PAGE-not very Clear) attached USDA's approved Black Farmers Settlement 1999's - "MONITOR'S LETTER" signed by its LEAD! LEGAL COUNSELOR - Mr. "Stephen Carpenter" dated "APRIL 13, 2006" -  ADDRESSED ONLY! to the LEGAL RESEARCHER-CONSULTANT - Ms. Thedford A. Rowser-Bey - whom USDA's APPOINTED ADMINISTRATIVE Lead! Attorney S. CARPENTER ADMITS also! WROTE and admits! that the BLACK FARMERS PARTICIPANTS "...PERSON DID NOT FILE a DISCRIMINATION COMPLAINT Until After!! JULY 1, 1997 -...STILL!!  MAY BE possible for the PERSON TO BE A CLASS MEMBER...According to PARAGRAPH 6, if a PERSON was INDUCED or TRICKED by USDA's MISCONDUCT into MISSING the JULY 1, 1997, DEADLINE, that!! PERSON! MAY STILL!! BE! ALLOWED! into!! the CLASS if the REQUIREMENTS of PARAGRAPH 6 are! met!."; (otherwise - USDA hired Legal! ADMINISTRATOR[s] ADMITS the Black/African RACE of INDIVIDUALS [UNDER BREWINGTON/aka/Paragraph 6] Yet! Can! PARTICIPATE LATE in the Pigford/BREWINGTON'sSettled 1999's LAW SUIT..." after!!  the DATE JULY 1, 1997...and CAN! YET! PARTICIPATE UP UNTIL in this year 2012 - since USDA and the said Federal Court - DID NOT PLACE no! DEADLINE! DATE! after! the date July 1, which the BLACK FARMERS PARTICIPANTS shall! have their LEGAL! RIGHTS TO YET! FILE! LATE...even in this! YEAR 2012.

Click here ....BLACK FARMERS SETTLEMENT 1999'S Partial CONSENT DECREE - Paragraph 6, 1a, 3a, - CONFIRMING - (BREWINGTON'S LATER) - OR "TOLLING of ECOA's Statute of Limitations - which SHOWS USDA's appointed MONITOR'S ATTORNEY Carpenter's LETTER to Legal Researcher-Ms. Rowser-Bey - 2006 - ERRED - as Consent Decree Parg 6. DID SUPPORT CLAIM PACKAGES and FORMS must! be SENT to BLACK FARMERS SETTLEMENT's Participants WHO REQUESTED their CLAIM PACKAGE under Parg. 6 of the 1999's Consent Decree... 
See BELOW - Legal Researcher-Consultant - Ms. Thedford A. Rowser-Hall-Bey - Communicates with USDA's MONITOR and or its HEAD/LEAD Counselor-Stephen Carpenter
***  PAGE IS YET!! INCOMPLETE - MORE TO COME-- WILL SEE - PICTURE! and STATEMENTS from --(PRESIDENT Candidate!!)-- Mr.  "MITT ROMNEY" GREAT! ERRED!! INFORMATION - involving his PERSONAL BELIEF regarding the BLACK! FARMERS! PARTICIPANTS!!  (who Mr. Romney referred in his  said Video as being "PIGS" -;  
       and WILL SEE the PICTURE from the NEWS Article - as to WHY!  Ms. Shirley SHERROD received ONLY from the BLACK FARMERS SETTLEMENT MONEY FUNDS *of Pigford-1!/and BREWINGTON! who paid!! - over!  "13 MILLION DOLLARS to her [Sherrod's] COMPANY...and $330,000 to her and her Husband..." -AFTER! the YEAR 2008/or in about the YEAR 2010 - *(without!  with BOTH said INFORMATION [or SHERROD] placed on "MITT RONMEY's" RECORDED VIDEO of HIMSELF in a COWBOY HAT/or an alleged FARMERS HAT - located on the SAME! Media page with "MITT ROMNEY"...alleging the SOME BLACK/AFRICAN Race of People are participating with HIM with the (Tea Party)
Click here...JUDGE FRIEDMAN's 4-14-1999's OPINION - which ADMITS - BLACK FARMERS Participants CAN PARTICIPATE LATE! After! the date July 1, 1997 - AND PROVIDED absolutely NO! DEADLINE DATE as to HOW LONG After! the Date July 1, 1999 - which the Black Farmers Participants can YET! file LATE - in this year 2012 in the MONTH of OCTOBER...and after... 
Click here ...TOTAL  of MONIES PAID to BLACK FARMERS PARTICIPANTS with the 1999's Consent Decree's LAW SUIT- to to YEAR 2006 - provided by USDA - SHOWS -USDA's UNTRUTHFULNESS - Who shows its actual Black Farmers Participants in the GLOBAL prior STATES 
Click here...See Pictures of USDA Vilsack and Judge Paul L. Friedman-involving Black Farmers Settlement's Settled Terms must be upheld with Pigford 1 and BREWINGTON's late! filers...INFORMATION IS YET! INCOMPLETE...MORE TO COME....
Click here...Ms. Shirley SHERROD and MITT ROMEY's taped verbal VIDEO (to PULL UP ROMEY's VIDEO - type the Website Address  SHERROD and ROMEY  (The PRESIDENT Candidate for the United States) located on SAME PAGE - with MITT ROMEY calling the Black Farmers Participants!! LATE FILERS under Pigford as being alleged "PIGS" -  INFORMATION IS INCOMPLETE more TO COME... 
Click here...See PICTURE - shows Black Farmers' LEAD ATTORNEY . Rose Sanders with BLACK FARMERS PIGFORD 2 Late! Participants, in this  YEAR 2012- *(again! being PAID by USDA - )*and for a SECOND TIME Intentionally MISLEADING the Black Farmers Participants so NOT TO Participate with the LATE! TERMS of BREWINGTON, the CONSOLIDATED Agreed Party WITH Pigford 1 - signed Agreement with USDA since APRIL 14, 1999 - which has ALSO the NAME of Attorney ROSE SANDERS and her NOW DECEASED  - Prior Law Partner - The Honorable, Mr. J.L. Chestnut - INFORMATION IS YET! INCOMPLETE more TO COME 
Click here - SEE North Carolina'sNEWS PAPER - involving CCG IR -CAROLYN THOMAS and HUSBAND were NEVER! TRICKED!  to be GIVE THEIR MONIES to Federal JUDGE M.B. SEYMOUR and ASHMORE - BUT! was TRICKED by RECEIVER ASHMORE (Under SEAL) with OTHERS tricked CAROLYN THOMAS and HUSBAND to PLEA GUILTY to TAX FRAUD - regarding their NONE-TAX PAYMENTS to IRS - which according to RESEARCH findings - THE SAID CCG's TAXES Could NOT been REPORTED!! to IRS - since! the said CIVIL!! CLAIMS involving the said CCG is yet!! PEINDING!!  (since! in the YEAR 2007!! started in Case no. 3:2007-MC-00135-MBS) and later in year 2010 (illegally) transferred and FILED within the said FEDERAL COURT in Case no. 2010-CV-03141