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​Click Here - See BLACK FARMERS LATE! FILERS Researcher Rowser-Bey's 2006 PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT/or PETITIONERS ! FILERS - who REQUESTED USDA and U.S. CONGRESS - TO FILE LATE! ONLY! under USDA's ALREADY! AGREED 1999's TERMS - of Pigford (1) consolidated party BREWINGTON - settled in - April 14, 1999's CONSENT DECREE -
BF Attorney Chestnut Law Firm; one of BF-FIRST! Plaintiff - Mr. George HALL; Ohio Superintendent Board of Educator-Mr. Fred Gissendaner; and Legal Researcher-Ms. Rowser-; dated "April 18, 2005pril 18, 2005
UNITED STATED DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE/DOJ – AGREED/and DID PARTICIPATE with The Legal Researcher-CONSULTANT-Ms. Thedford A. Rowser-Bey - before/and/or since the date "January 31, 2006"- regarding Ms. Rowser-Bey’s Representation of her documents that supports the BLACK FARMERS PARTICIPANT(s) - Mr. Enoch EDWARDS, Jr. - who was APPROVED by USDA between 1999 and 2000 - to been PAID over about $65 MILLION Dollars for USDA’s entity’s GREAT! DAMAGES enforced upon Mr. Edwards Jr., his and his WIFE’s physical Health, and his Many! CHILDREN; 
– FACTS provided by documented EVIDENCE shows that, Judge Paul L. FRIEDMAN, U.S.D.A.!! and/or U.S.D.A.’s hired DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE , Attorney – Michael Sitcov, and Plaintiff's HEAD Attorneys (during the relevant time period) Mr. Alexander Pires Jr. and Mr. Phillip L. Fraas, as well as the LAW FIRM "Wiley Rein & Fielding" – ALL approved (a NON-ATTORNEY Ms. Heidi PENDER who was PAID!!), to Represent Mr. Enoch Edwards Jr. between 1999 and 2000, with the Black Farmers Settlement terms under TRACK B, involving the ARBITRATOR – Michael Lewis; - which resulted in Ms. Heidi PENDER – DISAPPEARED - with Mr. Edwards Jr.'s over $65. Million dollars -without! ever PAYING Mr. Edwards ANY of U.S.D.A.'s agreed Monies; 

Which the attached DOCUMENTED RECORDS SHOWS that BOTH the DOJ as well as the Law Firm "Wiley Rein & Fielding's LETTER PARTICIPATED February 16, 2006 was ONLY addressed to Legal Researcher-Ms. Rowser-Bey, as having KNOWLEDGE and Understanding regarding the “PROCEEDINGS” of the BLACK FARMERS PARTICIPANT – MR. Enoch EDWARDS Jr. involving the said LAW FIRMS LETTER dated "February 16, 2006". 

2007 News Paper - shows U.S.D.A.'s Dept's General Counsel "Marc KESSELMAN" also! ADMITS! U.S. CONGRESS entrance/or BILL of PIGFORD II was a "GIMMICK" --  And ALSO ADMITS that "...the HOUSE Language DOES! NOT! LIMIT!! the NUMBER! of  FUTURE!! CLAIMANTS..." WHO are now! in this! YEAR 2012 - are about 4 MILLION/and/or UNKNOWN Thousands of BLACK FARMERS PARTICIPANTS - who participated with the USDA's RESEARCH findings of Ms. Rowser-HALL-Bey...since the YEAR 2003-2012...