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U.S. District "Chief" Judge 
Margaret B. Seymour/aka/SHINE
Former State! Court Judge/aka/
Federal Crt J. Michelle Childs
Beautiful job descriptions, BUT CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS 
S.C. Supreme Court Screener for Judge candidates'
BANK's Business Account illegally HOLDS CCG's
over! $17.million dollars/confirmed by Judge James
George C. James, Jr. - S.C. SUMTER COUNTY, Replacement - Richland County State Court Judge
ADMITS gave Federal -
Receiver-Ashmore over! $17. million of CCG's Monies 11/21/07
Former - So. Carolina's Attorney General, Henry D. McMaster - ADMITS $17. Million - ONLY in STATE! Court -See Press Release 9-11-07/& Judge James-11/21/07-confirms illegal Federal Participation-with Judge Seymour and alleged Receiver Ashmore
Mr. Larry Hill- was hired as So. Carolina. Governor'S PAYROLL-Management -over Security-before illegally imprisoned by DOUBLE JEOPARDY, and also FAKE/WARRANTS signed on 7/29/2008 with a FRAUD U.S. MARSHAL-Non-Officer -"T.G. Mayo" - Justice as 3-HBs' (3) Agents AND Mr. & CLIFFORD BROWN's FRAUD 2007/& 2011 - FAKE/WARRANTS - signed by SAME! FAKE U.S. Marshal INDIVIDUAL - "T.G. Mayo" - involving Same IDENTICAL!! FEDERAL JUDGE M.B. SEYMOUR'S ISSUES ALREADY GRANTED RELIEF/or DISMISSED by the STATE! COURT since year 2007 involving the BUSINESS CCG with Mr. Larry Hill - FOUND IN Documents which shows conspiracy by FEDERAL OFFICIALS with STATE! Officials held  "UNDER SEAL" (to be illegally in SECRECY FROM the ACTUAL PARTY - CCG and the 3-Hebrew Boys Participants/ and not! just! "Under Seal" from the PUBLIC/as is REQUIRED by the said Federal Officials own! provided LAWS)  which shows ILLEGALLY the APPEARANCE of Fed. Judge M.B. Seymour-WITHIN THE STATE! COURT - since 10-12- 2007- involving Mr. LARRY HILL's MONIES and PROPERTIES - FROZEN/and held illegally ONLY! by STATE!! COURT! OFFICIALS - (and NEVER! HELD by NO! Federal Court Official/NOT! EVEN! any! FBI Officials/who actually ADMITS! to this said FACT in their SIGNED SWORN AFFIDAVITS [WITNESS also! by U.S. DISTRICT JUDGE MARGARET B. SEYMOUR] dated! AUGUST 1st and 2nd 2007- as to the said FBI ONLY! PARTICIPATION!! with! STATE!! OFFICIALS and ONLY! STATE! OFFICIALS! provided UNDISPUTED DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE - ) involving a filed U.S. BANKRUPTCY Petition filed within So. Carolina's  RICHLAND COUNTY Jurisdiction- where  documents - shows Federal Judge M.B. Seymour-PERSONALLY APPEARED and illegally REMOVED MILLIONS! of DOLLARS of CCG's MONIES and Personal properties to be HELD only! within the Federal Judge M.B. Seymour and her personal appointed ILLEGAL Receiver-Beattie B. Ashmore's personal! PAID! INVESTMENT BANK ACCOUNT(s), and in Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour's  OWN personal paid! INVESTMENT BANK(s)/and or its Subsidiary/and Affiliate Bank(s) - such as BANK OF AMERICA, and FIRST CITIZEN BANK/aka/So. Carolina's BANK and TRUST - who's recorded records shows said BANK(s) PAYS INCOME/or MONEY INTEREST to Federal Judge M. B. Seymour, and to her personal Appointed former/CO-WORKER and illegal appointed RECEIVER-Mr. Beattie B. Ashmore, WHO IS ALSO LOCATED on the S.C. SUPREME COURT BOARD who SCREEN JUDGE CANDIDATES, WHOM Records BOTH are receiving PERSONAL GAIN from CCG's Constituents, which involves also Mr. LARRY HILL, who was also! ONLY!  illegally/and Unethically JUDGED Only! by Fed. Judge M.B. Seymour, A ALWAYS KNOWN having PERSONAL INTEREST as to the OUT COME of CLAIMS!! found to been FILED ONLY! by the assistance of FEDERAL JUDGE Margaret B. Seymour as also! Illegally and UNETHICALLY served as the GRAND JURY-ONLY Presiding Judge - who claimed Mr. Larry HILL allegedly COMMITTED PERJURY before alleged GRAND JURORS who were NEVER! ALLOWED to TESTIFY at the FEDERAL COURT HEARING/or TRIAL held ONLY! BEFORE Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour, a always known PERSONAL INTERESTED PARTY, who served as the COMPLAINANT, AND presiding JUDGE - who illegally and Unethically SENTENCED LARRY HILL to the MAXIMUM (5) YEARS terms for alleged Perjury -claimed ONLY by Federal Judge M.B. Seymour as an alleged ALSO WITNESS -
The Three Hebrew Boys- 
Brunson, McQueen, Pough
attached "ARREST 2007! WARRANTS" are found to FAKE/and FRAUDULENT, NEVER! SIGNED BY NO!  ARRESTING OFFICER/NOR! NO! LEGAL U.S. MARSHAL (as well as the IR/Mr. LARRY HILL'S alleged Arrest Warrant) filed in the STATE of So. Carolina Federal Court  - dated in the YEAR - 2008! - filed within Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour's Court -shows NO! US MARSHAL Arresting OFFICIAL NEVER! arrested NEITHER! above men, ONLY! the NAME of a US Marshall "PAPER Pusher" (as she was CALLED by a Managing U.S. MARSHAL Offical)  who U.S. Marshall ADMITS (a "Paper Pusher"  is not a PERSON who can/nor! NEVER DID - legally arrest Neither, above men...although her said NAME T.G. MAYO" is placed on ALL said named men's alleged Arrest Warrants, which NO! OTHER SIGNED SIGNATURE located in the said REQUIRED! SIGNATURE BOX; and attached RECORDS shows that! SAME said U.S. Marshall "Paper pusher" with the initials "T.G. MAYO" -continued! her ILLEGAL ACTS with other CCG Continuents in this YEAR 2012- but! placed illegally within the STATE of North Carolina.

*(CCG's PUBLIC MEETING - Held for the 3-HEBREW BOY and CCG AGENTS and CONSTITUENTS - held in Conference Room of the Church where CCG's Agent - Joseph Brunson Pastored...for YEARS before CORRUPT Judges also TOOK  illegal POSSESSION of said Church; and MANY other Churches - LEGALLY PAID out in Full, but  WERE illegally FORCED to be RETURNED to Federal Judge M.B. Seymour and Conspirators... who are ONLY FINANCIALLY Benefiting from CCG's Returned Monies and Returned Properties...)*
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**NEVER TO BIG -to be brought DOWN - when the Proper Authorities - FOUND the INTENTIONAL ABUSE!! on the PEOPLE of the COMMUNITIES* 

South Carolina's "CHIEF" JUDGE Margaret B. SEYMOUR/aka/SHINE -  FORCED to be "DELETED"/aka/ DISQUALIFIED as Presiding JUDGE - Ordered by 4th CIRCUIT COURT of APPEALS - on 3/20/2012 - due to FOUND BIASED/aka/ "DISCRETION" and found shown PERSONAL always PAID MONEY Interest and Personal BENEFITS/aka/ Pensions/and Benefits - PAID to Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour/aka/SHINE/and or SON "Eric Shine" - PAID by WESTINGHOUSE Savanna RIVERS...while being a INTERESTED PARTY in LAW SUIT being HEARD Only! before FEDERAL JUDGE Seymour, on or before! the YEAR 2006, whose final Rulings were not  made on or after the YEAR 2010 - APPEALED to 4th CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS, who ORDERED to "DELETED"/or DISQUALIFIED "Chief" Judge Margaret B. Seymour as Judge, who have NO CONTROLLING Authorities - in said LAW SUIT, although she is "CHIEF" Judge, BUT! WHO always had a PERSONAL MONEY/Benefit INTEREST - and did not RELEASE! that INFORMATION to the OTHER! Opposing Parties:

"CHIEF" Federal U.S. District Court Judge Seymour was "Deleted"/aka/DISQUALIFIED as Presiding JUDGE Ordered by the 4th CIRCUIT COURT of APPEALS - 3/20/2012 - WHO "REMANDED" WESTINGHOUSE Savanna RIVERS BUSINESS(es) - ISSUES to be RETURNED/or REMANDED back to the said Lower Federal Court to be HEARD - so to RETURN the MONIES/and BENEFITS - to be ORDERED by another! Federal Judge FLOYD - but! according to the "Aiken Standard" Public NEWS PAPER in JUNE 2012, (and the said U.S. District Court's ORDER) showS and supports - "CHIEF" Federal U.S. District Court JUDGE Margaret B. Seymour - DISRESPECTED! and REFUSED! the 4th CIRCUIT Court's ORDER issued 3/20/2012. 

**  REVIEW - shows EVEN! the FEDERAL now! "CHIEF" JUDGE Margaret B. Seymour/aka/SHINE is NEVER!! TO BIG! to be BROUGHT DOWN/"Deleted" 3-20-2012/or DisQUALIFIED - by 4th Circuit APPEALS Court/State of Virginia- for INTENTIONAL "CORRUPTION" /aka/ ABUSE!! of her JOB DUTIES/aka/or Discretion -  BEING placed upon the PEOPLE of the COMMUNITIES - BEING illegally/or Unethically ENFORCED by Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour - since! in the YEAR 2003/2004 - placed UPON THE innocent!! PEOPLE of the COMMUNITIES, STARTING!! since! the YEAR 2003/2004 with the WESTINGHOUSE Savannah RIVERS, Company in Aiken, S.C. - but found court documents shows the CONTINUED found ABUSES! by Federal Judge Margaret B. SEYMOUR - up until in the YEARS 2005, 2006, 2007, ALSO involved the RICHLAND COUNTY SHERIFF, Livingston'S also! REMANDED Case matters back to be HEARD so to only! be DISMISSED against the said SHERIFF due! to JUDGE SEYMOUR's found PERSONAL! BIAS! placed INTEREST INTERVENED in that said Case matter that was heard Only! before Federal Judge M.B. Seymour -Ordered to be REMANDED with given STRICT INSTRUCTIONS written by the 4th Circuit APPEALS Court in the YEAR 2005; 

Although! DOCUMENTS SHOWS Federal Judge  Margaret B. Seymour's personal INTEREST ONLY! CONTINUED! but! expanded! Judge Margaret B. Seymour's PERSONAL (illegal and Unethical) appearances within OTHER! COURTS in the YEAR 2007, on the DATE "OCTOBER 12, 2007", involving the South Carolina's RICHLAND COUNTY's STATE! Court and U.S. BANKRUPTCY COURTS showing Federal Judge M.B. Seymour filed  (illegal/FRAUD-signed! ORDER that resulted in the illegal! - Fraud) WITHDRAWAL! of a Bankruptcy PETITION from a BANKRUPTCY COURT to be ONLY! PLACED within! the RICHLAND COUNTY STATE! COURT on the date! OCTOBER 12, 2007, Personally! placed! ONLY! by the Federal U.S. District Judge Margaret B. Seymour-personally ABUSED! HER said JOB TITLE Description on the DATE! OCT. 12, 2007, so to ILLEGAL APPEAR (in a STATE! COURT! "ONGOING" PROCEEDING - and according to Seymour's OWN provided Case LAW "ROOKER/FELDMAN DOCTRINE - SAYS its ILLEGAL for a FEDERAL Court to REVIEW or INTERVENE in a "ONGOING" STATE Court Case - although! Federal Judge M.B. Seymour illegally APPEARED in a ONGOING STATE COURT CASE - "UNDER SEAL"/in SECRECY/with also! APPEARANCE of her former! CO-WORKER-Mr. Beattie B. ASHMORE/fronting! as an alleged LEGAL! FEDERAL! RECEIVER! so to OVER RIDE a STATE!! COURT! appointed alleged RECEIVER - Attorney Courtney, of NELSON/MULLIN Law Firm, who were the ONLY appointed alleged RECEIVER - LAW FIRM within the STATE! COURT! Case matter of the DEFENDANTS!!  - CCG/3-HEBREW BOYS, and DANIEL DEVELOPMENT Groups, and! the BANK, "FIRST CITIZEN BANK", as well as the 3rd INTERVENED PARTY-State Court Judge J. Michelle CHILDS...whom! ALL the said STATE! COURT! named DEFENDANTS - were GRANTED ORDERS in EACH of their FAVORS (being relieved from the STATE! COURT! claims filed by SCAG/So. Carolina ATTORNEY GENERAL-Mr. Henry D. McMASTER - filed claims since MAY 21, 2007)...

***JUST! as Federal Judge Margaret B. SEYMOUR/aka/SHINE  was FORCED to do with WESTINGHOUSE Savanna River Business hired Participants, in THIS! YEAR 2012, due to her CONTINUED!!  CONSPIRED, illegal/or Unethical BEHAVIORS involving continued!! PERSONAL MONEY PROFITS!! being HELD IN THE PERSONAL INVESTMENT BANK/BANK OF AMERICA/and its Subsidiary/or Affiliate/FIRST CITIZEN BANK/aka/So. Carolina BANK and TRUST...and other PERSONAL PAID INVESTMENT BANKS of  the now! "Chief" Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour and her said named above CONSPIRATOR/Beattie B. ASHMORE ...and the above others  who assisted in the said illegal and Unethical CORRUPTIONS - being placed on INNOCENT! PEOPLE doing Business, and in personal COMMUNITIES. 

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CLICK HERE - See Legal Researcher -Ms. Rowser-Bey's Letter TO FEDERAL RECEIVER -ASHMORE-to ANSWER within 10 days; CLICK HERESee ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENTS -9- ALSO REQUESTING/or PRAYING!! for Assistance for State! Court Judges BARBER III and Judge George C. JAMES to SPEAK UP with the TRUTH-as to RECEIVER ASHMORE's ORDER(s) in the STATE COURT REGARDING CCG'S Millions/aka/Billions of DOLLARS WAS DOLLARS WAS NEVER! LEGALLY!!  RELEASED to FEDERAL ASHMORE'S Personal BANK(S); CLICK HERE - See also 10 days given to Ashmore's Atty TOLLISON III Response -regarding is illegal Attorney’s Representation of FEDERAL RECEIVER-ASHMORE.  of FEDERAL RECEIVER-ASHMORE.