BUT! NO! Judicial COMMITTEE/or U.S. SENATE Member - DID ANYTHING ABOUT THE known ABUSES being INTENTIONALLY PLACED upon the INNOCENT!! PEOPLE of the COMMUNITIES -inside and OUTSIDE the STATE of South Carolina- which has since 2007/and is yet in 2012 CAUSED - the MOST! RECENT! KNOWN ABUSES and MISCONDUCT by Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour/aka/SHINE - Illegally!! and Unethically Assisting in FALSE and FAKE! ARREST WARRANTS! placed upon the said PEOPLE of the Communities - for the now! "Chief" Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour to have RECEIVED - PERSONAL! GAIN!...and

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​COURT RECORDS SHOWS the INTEGRITY!! of the COURTS/and JUSTICE SYSTEM is in GREAT! QUESTION!! - Due to the CONTINUED!! intentional undisciplined! MIS-CONDUCT - Hidden! /or "UNDER SEAL" Secrets! CONSPIRED by the NEW "CHIEF" Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour/SHINE, being INTENTIONALLY!! ENFORCED! since! and before! the YEAR 2007 - Intentionally placed UPON! Many/or THOUSANDS!! of  INNOCENT!!  PEOPLE of the COMMUNITIES - inside and outside the STATE of SOUTH CAROLINA, whose MILLIONS/aka/BILLIONS of DOLLARS/or MONIES, PROPERTIES are being Illegally/and Unethically taken/Removed/STOLEN - and PLACED within the PERSONAL "INVESTMENT" BANK(s) of the KNOWN NOW "chief" Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour/SHINE and her known! CONSPIRATORS, and Appointed RECEIVER-Mr. BEATTIE B. ASHMORE and his alleged Attorney/aka/Associate Mr. L. Walter Tollison III...and other! Individuals!! within OTHER! Jurisdictional areas. 

SUCH AS the NOW FEDERAL "Chief" Judge Margaret B. Seymour/aka/SHINE's continued...Job ABUSES INVOLVING the BUSINESSES Capital Consortium Group-LLC/aka/or CCG's EMPLOYEES; 3-HEBREW BOYS LLC/aka/or its EMPLOYEES; Daniel Development Group, LLC/aka/or its EMPLOYEES; The COLUMBIA South Carolina's SHERIFF's Office EMPLOYEE(s)/aka/Sheriff Roy Livingston; but! appears to have FIRST STARTED with the BUSINESS

The U.S. FORTH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS MUST RECENT!! DISCIPLINE!!/ORDER/shown on the now "Chief" Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour/aka/SHINE - is DATED "MARCH 20, 2012" - was ORDERED!! to be REPLACED!! and DELETED!!/or DISQUALIFIED as the PRESIDING JUDGE! the case matter involving the EMPLOYEES!! with the BUSINESS - Westinghouse SAVANNA RIVERS, *(See below 4TH CIR. APPEALS COURT ORDER-3-20-2012) but Yet Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour/Shine IGNORED!! the 4th Circuit Court's ORDER and YET! done as she personally WISHED, when she continued!! as being the said acting JUDGE IN SAID SAME! case - up to JUNE 2012. 

As Federal "Chief" Judge Margaret B. Seymour's ONLY RECENT - found INTENTIONAL BIAS MISCONDUCT - is causing the INTEGRITY!! of the COURTS/or JUSTICE SYSTEM is SERIOUSLY QUESTIONED... since! the YEAR! 2007 up until in this YEAR 2012 - when the (4TH) CIRCUIT APPEALS COURT in the State of Virginia - "DELETED"/aka/DISQUALIFIED FEDERAL "CHIEF" JUDGE MARGARET B. SEYMOUR - from being the presiding JUDGE in a Case she was ORDERED to be DISMISSED - due to FOUND PERSONAL BIAS Misconduct/or ABUSE of "Chief" Judge Seymour's DISCRETION - involving Federal Judge M.B. Seymour's found PERSONAL MISCONDUCT with the BUSINESS - WESTINGHOUSE SAVANNA RIVERS' Employees who were DENIED (Each) of their Pension Plan, JUDGED ONLY!! by "Chief" Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour/aka/SHINE -

although - the found document title DISCLOSURE FINANCIAL REPORT written on JUDGE M.B. SEYMOUR/SHINE shows- the now "CHIEF" Judge Maragret B. Seymour/aka/SHINE/and or personal family member(s)-WERE!! also! BEING PAID! their PERSONALLY! Pension Plans - by WESTINGHOUSE Savanna RIVERS - due to the found Federal "Chief" Judge Margaret B. Seymour's found ALWAYS!! KNOWN PERSONAL FINANCIAL Interest - due to the DEATH of "Chief" Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour/Shine's husband Mr. Joseph Shine - who was EMPLOYED also with WESTINGHOUSE SAVANNA RIVERS in the YEAR 2003 - before his SUDDEN DEATH.
** SEE BELOW 4TH CIRCUIT COURT of APPEALS ORDER!! DATED MARCH 20, 2012 - "DELETED"/or DISQUALIFIED!! South Carolina's "Chief" Judge Margaret B. Seymour/aka/SHINE - for intentionally ENFORCING personal "ABUSES"  (by PERSONALLY!/and Intentionally! DENYING!! CONTINUED! MONEY! FUNDS! and or PERSONAL BENEFITS - TO INNOCENT! BUSINESS EMPLOYEES, reported by found Research and is actually ADMITTED by Federal Judge Margaret B. Seymour - regarding ANY JUDGE who PERSONALLY! Volunteers!! to interfere in an ANY "ONGOING" (STATE COURT Case/or Interferes) in ANY COURT Proceeding for PERSONAL GAIN, is ILLEGAL and is a personal ABUSE of any! JUDGE; which Court Documented RECORDS SUPPORTS Judge Margaret B. Seymour was INTENTIONALLY! ABUSING! HER Elected/Appointed JOB DUTIES SO TO RECEIVED PERSONAL since! and before the year 2007/and is yet! in the YEAR 2012 participating in ILLEGALLY/AND UNETHICALLY Misconduct/behaviors that's being placed upon INNOCENT!! said EMPLOYEES of Companied - Westinghouse Savanna Rivers and Capital Consortium Group-LLC/aka/CCG/aka/3-Hebrew Boys/aka/DANIAL DEVELOPMENT GROUP - BUSINESSES - WHEN Judge M.B. Seymour DID RECEIVED in her PERSONAL INVESTMENT BANK(s) MONIES/or MILLIONS/aka/BILLIONS of DOLLARS/and PROPERTY RIGHTS from the EMPLOYEES of the said BUSINESSES*
"Chief" Judge Margaret B. Seymour
Documents - supports to be a CORRUPTED JUDGE since!, before! and after! the YEAR 2007-up to in this YEAR 2012
             Legal Researcher/Consultant
         Ms. Thedford A. Rowser-Bey
***   Click Line below - see- JUDGE SEYMOUR'S "DELETED" as "Chief" Judge/or Presiding Judge - DUE TO KNOWN "ABUSE"/and or BIAS - But! yet! JUDGE SEYMOUR IGNORED! the ORDERS of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals...See below

Click here - SEE North Carolina'sNEWS PAPER - involving CCG IR -CAROLYN THOMAS and HUSBAND were NEVER! TRICKED!  to GIVE THEIR MONIES to Federal JUDGE M.B. SEYMOUR and ASHMORE - BUT! was TRICKED by RECEIVER ASHMORE (Under SEAL) with OTHERS tricked CAROLYN THOMAS and HUSBAND to PLEA GUILTY to TAX FRAUD - regarding their NONE-TAX PAYMENTS to IRS - which according to RESEARCH findings - THE SAID CCG's TAXES Could NOT been REPORTED!! to IRS - since! the said CIVIL!! CLAIMS involving the said CCG is yet!! PEINDING!! (since! in the YEAR 2007!! started in Case no. 3:2007-MC-00135-MBS) and later in year 2010 (illegally) transferred and FILED within the said FEDERAL COURT in Case no. 2010-CV-03141 
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