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The Three Hebrew Boys-illegally imprison-27 to 30 years
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The GODFATHER OF SOUL/Mr. James (Jones) Brown's Family members (his Son - Mr. Daryl Brown and Brother- Mr. Kevin Jones)- JOINT - and -MET- for the FIRST TIME - (arranged by the NAPW's V.I.P. for 2012 - 2013, who is also the World Wide known - 1999's Black Farmers Settlement Researcher,  and  South Carolina's./CCG/3-Hebrew Boys' (alleged Ponzi Scam) - Legal Researcher/ Consultant-Ms. Thedford A. Rowser-Hall-Bey) (along with other private media official[s]) whom ALL Gathered at  a MEETING HELD (JUNE 3, 2013) within South Carolina State Building - conference room (for about 4 hours) discussing matters of importance with GOVERNOR HALEY'S Constituent(s) - requesting the found LEGAL GROUNDS for  S.C. GOVERNOR Haley TO PARDON!! [the Illegal 1944 Electrocution of 14 YEARS of AGE-Mr. George Stinney; The CCG/3-Hebrew Boys-Agents and IR(s) - Mr. Tony Pough; Minister Timothy McQueen; Pastor Joseph Brunson; and Mr. LARRY HILL; and the Godfather of Soul's personal appointed REPRESENTATIVE/Trustee - Mr. David Cannon,  *(as well as Mr. Kenneth V. Jones; and Mr. Donal Robinson)* - ALL who were ILLEGALLY/Killed/and/or Imprisoned/a/k/a/Jailed - confirmed within UNDISPUTED FOUND Court filed RECORDS showing SCAG HAS ALREADY ADMITTED [since in the year 2009 - and is now continuing! into this year 2013] [to have illegally/and unethically APPROVED Criminal [and Civil] PROSECUTIONS involving found Corruption/and Discrimination - [ADMITTED to have been illegally enforced  since the YEAR 1913 with the KILLING/or Electrocution of the (2) Uncles of the RADIO TALK HOST-Mr. Tom Joiner.

​The conclusion of the meeting held (on June 3rd, 2013) with Governor Haley's constituents/or assistant  advisor(s),  stated that the Governor Office will be getting back with the Legal Researcher so to speak/and or show the found documented EVIDENCE to other! proper officials, as well as the Governor's Office will personally/and  IMMEDIATELY (again!) deliver the found CORRUPTED DOCUMENTS to the now new SCAG Mr. Allen Wilson, (who was elected in 2011/and replaced by the former SCAG - Mr. Henry D. McMaster - whose also been found by documented evidence, shown/to have PARTICIPATED GREATLY with the reported found illegal IMPRISONMENT/Jailing/Taking of Lands and Personal Properties/and participated in the illegal taking of MILLIONS/or BILLIONS of Dollars, as well as participated in the PERSONAL Harassments!  and JAILING/and/or IMPRISONMENTS of the GODFATHER OF SOUL's Representative Cannon, and the CCG/3-Hebrew Boys agents & IR, Mr. Pough, McQueen, Brunson and Mr. Larry Hill).  

Whereas on the date "June 3, 2013" the S.C. Attorney General Office officials assured the GODFATHER OF SOULS' said family members that all the other! proper Authorities will be Notified of these found documented CORRUPTIONS  (which WILL be REPORTED also to the U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE of Mr. Erick Holder), regarding the legal researcher's found documented EVIDENCE involving SCAG's ADMITTED Corruptions/and Discrimination APPROVED/and/or Supervised by the found South Carolina Attorney General's Office Officials who ABUSED each of their Public STATE!! JOB Positions that were illegally/and unethically combined/"UNDER SEAL"/in SECRECY! conspired and did! caused! Great! said Harms and Damages found also to been in illegal participation with some of S.C. Federal Officials, who assisted also in some of the found Discrimination/Corruptions illegally enforced upon MANY/or THOUSANDS!! of INNOCENT South Carolina Individuals/and Individuals Outside the STATE of South Carolina, whom although! ALL those said Individuals did LEGAL BUSINESS within the State of South Carolina.
"June 3rd, 2013" SOUTH CAROLINA'S STATE BUILDING of GOVERNOR HALEY - is the FIRST MEETING GROUNDS - that actually JOINED - and allowed (some of) the GODFATHER OF SOUL'S - FAMILY MEMBERS for the FIRST TIME SO - to finally Peacefully speak with each other - Since! the SOUTH CAROLINA SUPREME COURT's Chief JUDGE Toal - OVERRULED/REMANDED/and/or ORDERED - that -South Carolina ATTORNEY GENERAL Office Officials - Could Not Intervene - legally/and or Ethically within the GODFATHER OF SOUL/Mr. James Browns'  legally filed WILL/Estate - which S.C. Attorney General Official(s) Intervened/and caused GREAT! FINANCIAL Harms and Mental Pressures enforced by S.C. Attorney General Officials since SEPTEMBER 2007,  filed in Akin South Carolina PROBATE COURT -since! January 2007 - then Transferred to S.C. Circuit Court of Common Pleas - and APPEALED to S.C. Supreme Court - who Ruled in FAVOR of the Honorable - GODFATHER OF SOUL - Mr. Jame Browns' ORIGINAL! writing of his WILL in 2000 - is yet VALID in this year 2013...
CCG-IR- Mr. Larry Hill - Illegally Imprison - 5 yeaars